3-point Hitch Tree Spade (click here)

A 3-point Hitch Tree Spade can be mounted to the back of an suitable tractor. Semi-truncated (25°) or Cone style (30°) spades may be used. The size of spade possible is dependent on the weight and horsepower of the tractor.

Dutchman’s 3-point hitch spades are designed specifically for Category II or III tractor hook-ups. With the aid of a lift-mast assembly, the spade can be mounted on the rear of your tractor and operate off the auxiliary hydraulics. The spade can then be operated either through and electric control box or a manual valve with levers. All Dutchman lift-masts are designed the same but you can attach any angle spade to the rear. The size of the spade will depend on the size of the tractor and its horsepower. One key feature of Dutchman’s lift-mast assembly is that it is built with a universal skid steer connection. This will allow you to remove the spade in the future and connect it to a skid steer loader if desired. All the tractor requirements given are approximate values and may vary depending on the exact specifications of the tractor. Call Dutchman today and a sales representative will be happy to assist you in selecting the best spade for your tractor.




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