Pot Clamp

The Pot Clamp is the new, customizable container handling solution for pots 15 to 45 gallons and more. The Pot Clamp reaches around the pot, cradling them to distribute pressure and prevent damage. With a quick-tach bracket, the Pot Clamp is ready for use on most skid steer loaders. 

The Pot Clamp easily attaches to almost any skid steer loader and takes all the stress out of your loading, unloading, and relocating work. Designed to gently clamp containers but provide maximum surface contact, the standard design can move containers from 15 gallon to 65 gallon. Larger models are also available. The Clamp simply connects to your loader’s 2-way hydraulics for easy operation. The Dutchman Pot Clamp: built with the same durability and longevity you have come to know from Dutchman Industries Inc.


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