Tree Spades

Dutchman offers a variety of angles and styles to suit your digging needs. Whether it is 22-degree open-bottom Truncated, 25-degree Semi-Truncated, or 30 degree closed-bottom Full Cone, all Dutchman spades are built on the same simple principles: durability and simplicity. Dutchman tree spades can be mounted on a variety of machines, from walk-behind mini skid-steers, full-size skid-steers and track loaders, up to large wheel loaders and excavators. Each section will explain the key features and differences that allow you to find the right spade for your unique purpose.

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Nursery Tree Spades (click here)

Nursery Tree Spades (click here)

Dutchman has a spade for almost any nursery application and machine. They range in size from 20-inch rootballs away up to the brand new 600i 60-inch spade. Inside and various outside frame models are available. From lightweight mini-excavator spades to workhorse skid-steer spades, Dutchman has the right equipment to get the job done. Tree after tree, year after year, nothing digs like a Dutchman.

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A 3-point Hitch Tree Spade can be mounted to the back of an suitable tractor. Semi-truncated (25°) or Cone style (30°) spades may be used. The size of spade possible is dependent on the weight and horsepower of the tractor.
Dutchman Curved-Blade Tree Spades are available in sizes from 66" up to 100" and Dutchman Straight-Blade Tree Spades from 65" to 80", for large wheel loaders.
Dutchman’s Palm Tree Spade can be made in a variety different of sizes.
Dutchman's Light Weight Tree Spades Line for mini skid steers and mini-excavators