Tree Spades

Dutchman offers a variety of angles and styles to suit your digging needs. Whether it is 22-degree open-bottom Truncated, 25-degree Semi-Truncated, or 30 degree closed-bottom Full Cone, all Dutchman spades are built on the same simple principles: durability and simplicity. Dutchman tree spades can be mounted on a variety of machines, from walk-behind mini skid-steers, full-size skid-steers and track loaders, up to large wheel loaders and excavators. Each section will explain the key features and differences that allow you to find the right spade for your unique purpose.

Available in 240, 280, and 330 models, the Truncated Tree Spade is ideal for creating wide-bottomed rootballs for shallow-rooted trees. The wide rootball gives the tree excellent stability once dug out, although at the cost of addition weight.
Available in all straight-blade sizes, the Semi-Truncated Tree Spade creates a rootball that is narrow than a Truncated spade but still stands well on its own. Semi-Truncated spades are the most common type of tree spade due to their versatility; they can down-size a great deal when digging smaller trees…
Available in 330 up to 600 models, the Coned Tree Spade is ideal for digging tap-rooted trees or in sandy soil. The spade is almost completely closed at the bottom, minimizing soil loss. Due to the pointed shape, however, the rootballs produced are less stable and balanced.
A 3-point Hitch Tree Spade can be mounted to the back of an suitable tractor. Semi-truncated (25°) or Cone style (30°) spades may be used. The size of spade possible is dependent on the weight and horsepower of the tractor.
Dutchman Curved-Blade Tree Spades are available in sizes from 66" up to 100" and more, for both trucks and loaders. The unique and revolutionary shuttle cylinder design makes for an incredibly compact spade with the shortest towers in the industry.
Dutchman’s Palm Tree Spade can be made in a variety different of sizes.