Truncated 22° Tree Spade

Available in 240, 280, and 330 models, the Truncated Tree Spade is ideal for creating wide-bottomed rootballs for shallow-rooted trees. The wide rootball gives the tree excellent stability once dug out, although at the cost of addition weight. 

Historically, most smaller tree spades were manufactured in a 22-degree, truncated style meaning, the angle of the blades, and the angle of the towers are set at 22-degree. This will allow for a more upright cut on the root ball and allow for a wider bottom base. This style of spade is ideal for shallow-rooted trees and clay-base soil conditions. The clay soil will lock in even when the opening on the bottom of the spade is larger. Due to the wider opening, there is less ability for the spade to downsize to dig smaller root balls. Typically, the 22-degree, truncated spade will allow the operator to dig two sizes of root balls comfortably. Dutchman’s truncated spades can be built from 24” to 33”  and are generally built on an order by order basis. Other options may be available upon request; please contact Dutchman directly for more information. Please note that 22-degree baskets must be purchased if you are you use this style of spade. 



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