Dutchman Semi-Truncated Tree Spade
The 25-degree, semi-truncated spade is now the most common style spades today and is often referred to as: “the best of both worlds”. The angle of the blades and the angle of the towers are set at 25-degree. This will allow for a narrower cut at the bottom of the root ball but the tree will still stand straight. The narrow pitch blades allow for better soil penetration in clay soils but also allow for better compression when holding sandier soils. Due to the narrow pitch blades, all larger Dutchman spades are built on this angle. The 25-degree spade will allow the operator to dig at least three good root ball sizes comfortably. Dutchman’s semi-truncated spades can be built from 20” all the way up to 80” and are commonly stocked. Please note that 25 degree baskets must be purchased if you are using this style of spade.

240i (o)
280i (o)
330i (o)

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