Dutchman Palm Tree Spade
Dutchman’s Palm Tree Spade can be made in a variety different of sizes. Built with a “hand dug” root-ball shape in mind, our Palm Tree Spade is built on a 22º angle. This angle helps to keep the overall width as narrow as possible. The uniqueness of the design allows one to extract palm tree, shape the root-ball, shrink-wrap or basket the tree, and have it ready for shipping. Built with both the quality components and durability you have come to know and trust with every Dutchman product.

Scraper Plate Option

Dutchman’s Scraper Plate option is designed to minimize the amount of soil sticking to the blades. The adjustable Scraper Plate design allows the user to set the height of the spade (when digging a smaller root ball) and ensure all the soil stays in the basket. This design is perfect for those clients with extremely sticky soil conditions.
When the plates are removed, the bottom of all Dutchman spades still have the permanent scraper plate mounted to the bottom of the towers ensuring minimal soil stick when digging a full root ball.

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