Dutchman Curved Loader Mount Tree Spade
Recently, we have redesigned our industry-leading curved-blade tree spades. These new curved-blade spades are structurally stronger and much more compact than other leading brands. Dutchman's main focus in designing these spades was to produce a blade that was free from any heat when shaping the blade. The result was a "cold-formed' blade that will last five times as long. Other major design features include a solid, circular frame with a massive opening allowing the operator to get around even the widest branched trees. They also include the newest "shuttle cylinders" that allow for a more compact shape and allow for much more power when digging. When looking for compact shape and power, Dutchman's new curved-blade spades are the answer.

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Electric Controls New Radio Remote System LED Troubleshooting Board Circular Frame with Gate Lock Cold Form Blades and Scraper Plates Short Towers with Heightened Blade Support

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