Dutchman Curved Loader Mount Tree Spade
Recently, we have redesigned our industry-leading curved-blade tree spades. These new curved-blade spades are structurally stronger and much more compact than other leading brands. Dutchman's main focus in designing these spades was to produce a blade that was free from any heat when shaping the blade. The result was a "cold-formed' blade that will last five times as long. Other major design features include a solid, circular frame with a massive opening allowing the operator to get around even the widest branched trees. They also include the newest "shuttle cylinders" that allow for a more compact shape and allow for much more power when digging. When looking for compact shape and power, Dutchman's new curved-blade spades are the answer.

Scraper Plate Option

Dutchman’s Scraper Plate option is designed to minimize the amount of soil sticking to the blades. The adjustable Scraper Plate design allows the user to set the height of the spade (when digging a smaller root ball) and ensure all the soil stays in the basket. This design is perfect for those clients with extremely sticky soil conditions.
When the plates are removed, the bottom of all Dutchman spades still have the permanent scraper plate mounted to the bottom of the towers ensuring minimal soil stick when digging a full root ball.

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