Dutchman Cone Spade
In recent years Dutchman's Nursery Equipment has spread to various markets within North America. Southern sandy soils with "tap-rooted" trees have created a strong demand for coned spades. A redesigned coned spade (C-series) is now part of Dutchman's expansive equipment line and is produced in sizes of 33", 36", 42", 48", and 54". These spades are built with the same renowned tower, frame, hinge, and blade durability that owners have come to expect. The angle of the blades and the angle of the towers are set at 30 degree and allow the spade to virtually cone up at the bottom. The cone spade allows for superior penetration and can downsize to dig almost five different root ball sizes. Due to the full closure, however, the root ball cannot stand like 22-degree truncated or 25-degree semi-truncated. Please note that 30 degree baskets must be purchased if you are using this style of spade.

Dutchman's C-series spades meet competitor’s height and width specifications. However, unlike conventional spades that have a fixed width and height, the Dutchman's C-series can be further reduced simply by lowering the blades to create a more compact option.

Model 330i-c

Model 360i-c

Model 420i-c

Model 500i-c

Model 540i-c

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