Dutchman Tree Rex
Dutchman's Tree Rex has the power and durability to maneuver up to 50-inch diameter root-balls. It also has the flexibility of handling delicate pots without any structural damage. Its many contact points allow you to grapple anywhere on the root-ball, minimizing the time taken to line-up and adjust. The Tree Rex is equipped with an ergonomic joystick that enables the operator to load and unload trailers single-handedly.

Paddle Sizes:

Dutchman’s Tree Rex can be outfitted with three sizes of interchangeable B&B paddles. Sizes range from:

Large: 50” - 36”
Medium: 44” – 30”
Small: 36” – 24”

Pot Paddles:

Dutchman Industries can manufacture paddles specific for pots in all shapes and sizes. Simply specify what size pot you would like to handle and Dutchman can create the right size of interchangeable paddle for you.

New Radio Remote System:

Dutchman’s Tree Rex can also be outfitted with our new radio remote system. Click here to learn more!