Dutchman High Production Field Potter
In keeping with our continued focus to meet the demands of the nursery industry, Dutchman has been asked to meet the demand for potting machinery. Recently, we have been able to develop both two, and three-bladed potting machines. Both machines have blades that are contoured to the shape and depth of both fiber and plastic pots.

Our newest high-production potter is a heavier duty potter that is designed for extreme nursery conditions and can do 1000+ plants per day. This potter is more compact, and has enclosed towers in order to eliminate branch obstruction.


• Custom-built to meet your exact pot size

• Operated with a Standard Control Box or an optional Pistol Grip Joystick

• Blades sizes range from 14 - 22 inch diameter and cover two sizes

• Interchangeable blades available

• Skid steer or Excavator mounts available

All Potters weigh approximately 600 - 900 lbs. and are built with strength and durability in mind.