Dutchman High Frame Field Potter
When dealing with small plants that are placed in narrow rows, often larger skid steer loader-mounted spades are not nimble enough to work properly. Dutchman has found a solution to this issue. The new high- frame excavator-mount potter is everything one would want when digging in narrow planted rows.

The new high-frame potters can be built on either a 15 degree or 25 degree angle to fit the basket of choice properly. They will use minimal ground space when working and offer excellent visibility as the operator can look under the spade instead of overtop. Built up to 20 inch in size, the high frame potter can dig in areas as tight as 2x2 foot centers and can be outfitted with electronic controls.


• Can be built in 15 and 25 degree angles

• Uses minimal ground space

• Selectively digs at 2x2 foot centers

• Great for areas where machines can't get to

• Great visability under frame

• Optional adjustable legs

• Electronic controls