Dutchman Planter
Dutchman Planter’s are designed to plant 8000+ trees a day under ideal conditions. The Shade Tree Planter has the ability to carry 1200+ WHIPS or 400 branched trees on its side platforms. The Seedling Planter has the ability to carry up to 100 7 gal. pots in the plant boxes. It is also equipped with a front pivoting bar that allows for a change in the depth of the plow shoe while keeping the backfilling and packing components the same as you move over the grades. The backfill blades and packing wheels can also be adjusted so that nursery stock will be securely planted using any plow shoe size. Replaceable cutting shears and a frontal suction tooth helps to ensure the plow shoe does not wear. Built with the same quality steel and weld you have come to know from Dutchman.

Row Markers:

Dutchman’s Shade Tree or Seedling Planter can be equipped with an optional row marker that allows the operator to mark out a linear path in for the tractor when planting another row. This row marker idea can ensure that your trees are planted equal distance apart from row to row. No more guessing work would be required. The optional row marker is adjustable from: 6 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot spacing.

The row marker can be made in either a “Manual” set-up or a “Hydraulic” set-up with cylinder.