Other Products

Dutchman Root Ripper

The Dutchman Root Riper is capable of removing up to 6" stumps in seconds. With 2" wide removable tines and CNC flame cut componenets, the Dutchman Root Ripper ensures perfect accuracy of parts every time. Tines and hook-up mount are cut from T1 plate steel which resists any warping and cracking and the durability and simplicity are what you have come to expect from Dutchman. The Root Ripper has the ability to remove hundreds of stumps with minimal time required.

Dutchman U-Blade

Dutchman's u-blade has proven popular over the years for a variety of bare-rooting applications as well as removing dead plant material.

Dutchman Grader Blade

Dutchman's grader blade is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for such tasks as weed cleaning fields, mounding tree rows, levelling driveways, as well as many other creative applications.

Dutchman Snow Bucket

Dutchman's new snow buckets make snow removal a breeze. Built in 8, 10, and 12 foot widths, these light-weight buckets attach to any standard skid-steer and can hold up to approx. 40 cubic feet of snow.