Pallet Paws
Introducing our New Pallet Paws! Forks lay flat to be used as regular pallet forks, but are hinged in the back and rotate to the perfect angle as you grasp any kind of product. Heavy-duty double cylinder action moves both forks at the same time inward and outward. Handle up to 60" B&B, up to 48" boxes, 95 gallon plastic containers, grow bags up to 65 gallons and boulders up to 5000 pounds.

Pallet Paws Features

With the Pallet Paws you can :

• Ability to "grasp" B&B up to 50", 3-24" B&B or 2 42" B*B tree's at once
• Move wooden boxes up to 36"
• Move plastic containers
• Load, stack and double stack
• Replace and plant large nursery stock
• Carry loads up to 5000lbs
• Adjustable Padded Tree Guard
• Quick-Tach Bracket For Most Front End Loaders
• Optional 80" Forks