Dutchman Spade

The spade works very well! Maneuverability is really good. The spade even cut through a 6" rock cleanly inhalf with no damage to the blades!

Love the spade, will not buy any other brand.

Andy Alpaugh
Evergreen Valley CTF, LLC
Stockton, NJ

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Dutchman Spade

I just purchased my third Dutchman Spade. It is a well built machine and supported by great customer service. Their spades dig a good ball all day long.

Thanks again!

Bountiful Acres
Holicong, PA

Dutchman 360i on Case 465

This is the 3rd Dutchman spade for our family business, along with a 480i truck spade and another 360i. They continue to impress, being hands down better than the competition from product quality to customer service. We had them paint the spade to match our new skid loader, and couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out. My dad and I were able to make the trip up to Canada, which was an awesome experience! Marlin and the whole crew were extremely hospitable and welcoming. I'm already looking forward to our next project with Dutchman!

Joel Lederman
Dogwood Hills Tree Farm
Middlebury, Indiana

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Dutchman 330i

The new 330i by Dutchman is super! The changes you made such as; the new short-tower design, hidden hydraulics and new safe step are great! I dug with the machine yesterday and the blades line up perfectly. As you know, from discussions on the phone, I am only interested in quality and the 330i package you sold me delivers. I am still going to keep my old 330i because it still has a long life left but when the economy picks up I will be rotating all of my old equipment (200i, 240-0, 420i 4-blade-, 420i 3-blade) to the new Dutchman stuff.

Thanks Again!

Chuck Gilbert
Westwind Tree Farm
Preston, Maryland