Dutchman Industries Inc. is a subsidiary of Dutchmaster Nurseries Inc. Dutchmaster has been in business since the early 1970‘s and has evolved into a 1600+ acre wholesale nursery distribution center. Our nursery offers a wide variety of deciduous and coniferous plants.

The early beginnings of the company were spent trying to mechanize our field operations and fill the void left by machinery downtown, most of which directly related to servicing and repairing tree spades. By the late 1970‘s work on designing a new tree spade had commenced. The idea was to build a reliable spade with virtually no service time and that produced a superior root ball. Initially these were built for personal use but transcended into sales for other nurseries. Consequently the Dutchman Tree Spade was born. We have now evolved this new company to constantly redesign and re-engineer our products to ensure they are the best the industry has to offer. Though our product line has grown significantly, we stay true to our humble roots. Our equipment is built to meet the needs of the nursery and landscape industry, because we know these demands and how the challenges change year to year. Every tree operation is different and we cater to those needs.

From initial planting, to spading, to loading, Dutchman Industries Inc. will continue to meet your industry needs with a superior, dependable product.

Dutchmaster Nurseries owns and operates a 1600+ Acre Tree Farm Trucks arrive and depart daily with new shipments of tree's! Flowers at Dutchmaster Nurseries. Trees being loaded for delivery to customers. Dutchmaster Nursery Office Dutchman Industries Office
In the early 1970's, Dutchmaster commenced the design, development, and manufacturing of the "Dutchman's Tree Spade". Continual design upgrades over the past two decades have resulted in a number of models that can deal with trees of all calipers while maintaining our reputation for efficiency and dependability. This included a total re-design of all our models in the early 90's, in an effort to better serve the nursery/landscaping industry. Today, Dutchman's Tree Spades are #1 in North America. We have been imitated but not duplicated. Increase your productivity with a proven performer! We look forward to serving you in the future.